3VQ Trainer Certification

Become A 3 Vital Questions Certified Trainer

The 3 Vital Questions provided a simple way to start a nuanced conversation about how we can all be empowered to succeed at the important work we do here at Children’s Hospital Colorado. The skills we developed in the program enabled us to bring heart to what we do, while also ensuring we execute on our long-term vision.”

Ryan Simmons, Director of Talent Developments for Childrens Colorado
3VQ Trainer Certification

Do You Feel Called to Transform Workplace Drama?

Becoming a Certified 3 Vital Questions® (3VQ) Trainer will prepare you to serve your clients and customers—whether internal or external—in learning the 3VQs and applying them in their work and lives. You will be certified to take the 3VQs into the classroom, meeting room, and in working with individuals, teams, and organizations.

The people you serve will be empowered to focus on desired outcomes rather than problems and avoid getting caught in the Dreaded Drama Triangle (DDT) that so often sabotages our success in the workplace and in our lives. You will support their development in adopting a Creator Orientation, enhance their capabilities as Creator, Challenger, and Coach to apply The Empowerment Dynamic, and to plan for, and take, the Baby Step actions that serve their creating and achieving results.

Who Should Attend?

This Trainer Certification workshop is for internal and external consultants and coaches, learning & development professionals, organizational leaders, project managers, organizational development consultants, process and culture experts who desire to teach the 3VQ frameworks and tools.

If this is you, once certified, you be prepared to:

  • meaningfully improve the human dynamics of relationships, teams, and your organization;
  • powerfully facilitate 3VQ programs within your organization, in client organizations, and in your consulting and/or coaching work;
  • utilize the “3VQ Participants Guidebook” in conjunction with your “3VQ Facilitator’s Manual;”
  • proudly represent yourself as a 3 Vital Questions Certified Trainer;
  • and continue your and growth and application of the 3VQs as a member of a worldwide learning community of fellow certified 3VQ Trainers through monthly community-led learning calls and the annual 2-day 3VQ Trainer “Virtual Summit.” (An annual renewal fee is required to maintain membership in the Community of Practice, with all its privileges).

I found it to be very similar in feel to a classroom experience. After a few minutes the virtual quality of the experience faded into the background and we were left with the people, the content and together we created a great experience.”   

Steve Gibbons, Intermountain Healthcare

Take The Next Step

Apply to see if you are eligible to become a Certified Trainer. A limited number of applicants will be accepted.

I love that there is an amazing amount of material that I can now share with others, which is so profound to me. Being able to connect with the people who created this program, to connect with their heart and to the heart of this amazing community of people who deliver this work to the world is even more important to me. Knowing that there’s an ongoing support structure that we can tap into afterward, that we can continue to connect with month after month, while delivering this work, is priceless.”  

Tim Banker, DVM

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