Who Do You Want to Be? Coaching with The Empowerment Dynamic

This course will take you through a journey of self-discovery with exceptional parallels to help connect clients with purpose. I highly recommend this journey to anyone working in leadership, coaching & personal development. You will not find a unique and relevant experience like this elsewhere.”

Julie Fox; Founder & CEO – Engage2Lead



Approved for ICF CE Credits 18 Core, 10 Resource

The Who Do You Want to Be? coaching course is an online course that blends life-changing insights with small group practice and real-time experiential learning.  

Facilitated by Donna Zajonc, MCC, Ann Deaton, Ph.D., PCC and Anne Marie Clear, PCC 

This groundbreaking personal development experience is designed for professional coaches, experienced human resource specialists, counselors, therapists, leaders, and others who are supporting people in their personal and professional development.

The Empowerment Dynamic coaching course is a profound, yet clear and simple method to free yourself from your reactive habits. When you embrace The Empowerment Dynamic roles of Creator, Challenger, and Coach, something amazing happens. Reactive drama is transformed into results and dreams that really matter.

At the end of this powerful course, you will leave with an expanded experience of how to trust your inner guidance as your true source of wisdom and creativity and be ready to partner with others as they strengthen their impact as a leader and coach.

I am thoroughly enjoying your coaching class. I am truly understanding TED* at a deeper level, especially by incorporating the heart intelligence. I also find the POD work very valuable. Thank you!!! To AnnMarie and Ann too! You all are an amazing team.”

– Ele Dootson, ACC; Certified Professional Coach

Meet the Faculty

Donna Zajonc, MCC

Donna Zajonc, MCC

I help people fall in love with their Creator essence, to accept all parts of themselves they may have left behind, and to boldly live as never before.

Like the apple tree that bears fruit or the songbird that sings, I express and write what I am learning, because I must. I do this to be in service to a changed and evolved world. It you too are changed, that’s lovely!

My sharing comes in many forms. Writing a weekly blog, books, guest speaker, creating coaching curriculum and teaching and facilitating courses. I do this with a wholehearted desire to show up and be fully present. I believe in the intrinsic oneness with all of life and each other. I teach and coach with a kind heart while courageously igniting a fire inside your heart and mind to leap into your highest and most evolved self. I will challenge you to deepen your relationship with yourself so you can confidently be in service to creating a world that works for all.

I have been a Master Certified Coach since 2013 and Director of Coaching for the Center for The Empowerment Dynamic. My new book, Who Do You Want To Be on the Way to What You Want: Coaching with The Empowerment Dynamic was published in March 2022… [Read More About Donna]

Anne-Marie Clear, PCC

Anne-Marie Clear, PCC

Anne-Marie Clear is a Teacher, Coach, Workshop Leader and Speaker. She holds an M.A. in Counseling, is a PCC Trained Coach, a Licensed HeartMath Trainer and Coach, a Licensed 3VQ Trainer and a Certified True Purpose Coach.

Anne Marie shows you how to use the power of your heart to transform your life and live authentically. When you live courageously from the heart and stand in your value, your life becomes integrated and whole.

Anne Marie Clear is the founder and president of Clear Directions. For over 25 years she has helped world class scientists, business professionals and people live their best life by learning to live “heart first.”

Ann V. Deaton, PhD, PCC

Ann V. Deaton, PhD, PCC

Ann is a leadership and team coach whose work focuses on individuals, teams, organizations, and communities experiencing significant change and growth. Ann has been engaged with TED* and 3VQ since the early days, often applying these concepts to the drama that occurs in her own life and work. Ann frequently incorporates neuroscience into her work, and is author of two books: VUCA Tools for a VUCA World: Developing Leaders and Teams for Sustainable Results and Being Coached: Group and Team Coaching from the Inside.

After my clients go through coach training for leaders at their company, they feel quite lost in how to lead and hold their direct reports accountable. Coaching with The Empowerment Dynamic really provides a simple (yet complex) framework that is SO helpful in supporting my clients.  Knowing they can step into the Coach and Challenger role has greatly impacted each of them and their ability to lead!  Thank you!”

Sharon Ilstrup, SLI Coaching, Leadership & Career Coach


Please do not let this be just another class. If you do the personal work and unblock yourself from old habits, you will experience the epiphany that you are The Empowerment Dynamic now, not sometime in the future. Your life will change and how you coach will change, but it takes work, reflection, practice, and willingness to begin.”

Donna Zajonc MCC

Deepen Your CREATIVITY and Strengthen Your INFLUENCE as a leader and coach.

How do I, and my clients, learn from our reactive habits instead of pushing them away? Why do the same habits keep reappearing in the first place? How can my drama patterns show me the way to being the person I want to be?

This new book is a fundamental element to Donna’s coaching course.


Who Do You Want To Be On the Way To What You Want:
Coaching with The Empowerment Dynamic

is available on Amazon.

Purchase the book online:

Paperback | Digital | Audio

Thank you for your new book. You have helped me make sense of so many of my burning questions. A few things stand out:

  • Appreciate the role of focus much clearer – confirmation bias, role of 3 stories, listening model
  • Drama roles in response to uncomfortable emotions – had not seen that as clearly before
  • Gaining clues to ‘what I want’ from all parts, emotions, roles and triggers
  • The role of attachments to what I want and how that generates a problem reactive stance.
  • Clearer links with TLC reactive tendencies”

Mark Mercer

This course has given me language and structure as a coach and leader to engage with others and hold my fire more, allowing others to find their way forward. It’s working! I’m a great rescuer and this has actually been freeing to me. So more present with the other person. I see how much more empowered they feel too. Thank you.”

Rosemary Clark, Director of Sacramento Area Sewer District Operations

If you want a holistic approach to coaching, this is The Course for you. Not only will your clients have an opportunity to address their shadows and move into a richer appreciation of self but you as a coach will make leaps and bounds in the mastery of transformation.

Shauna Kalicki, SHRM-SPC

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